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    1. 題干:Psychologists have traditionally believed that a personality transformation was impossible. (C10-T4-R2 T14)
    原文:Psychologists have long held that a person’s character cannot undergo a transformation in any meaningful way.
    Impossible --- cannot
    Personality --- person’s character
    2. 題干:and that by a young age, a person’s character tends to be fixed. (C10-T4-R2 T15)
    原文:and that the key traits of personality are determined at a very young age.
    Fixed --- determined
    3. 題干:One of the easiest qualities to acquire is optimism.
    (C10-T4-R2 T16)
    原文:Some qualities are less challenging to develop than others, optimism being one of them.
    Easiest --- less challenging
    4. 題干:It is necessary to learn a wide variety of different skills in order for a new quality to develop.(C10-T4-R2 T17)
    原文:However, developing qualities requires mastering a range of skills which are diverse and sometimes surprising.
    Learn --- mastering
    A wide variety of --- a range of
    5. 題干:A person must understand and feel some negative emotions in order to increase their happiness.(C10-T4-R2 T18)
    原文:you must be open to experiencing negative emotions.
    Understand and feel --- experiencing
    6. 題干:People must accept that they do not know much when first trying something new.(C10-T4-R2 T19)
    原文:As a new comer, you also have to tolerate and laugh at your own ignorance.
    First trying something new --- new comer
    7. 題干:It is important for people to actively notice when good things happen.(C10-T4-R2 T20)
    原文:She recommends you train yourself to pay attention to good fortune by writing down three positive things that come about each day.
    Actively notice --- pay attention to
    Good things --- positive things
    8. 題干:Courage can be learned once its origins in a sense of responsibility are understood.(C10-T4-R2 T21)
    原文:Pedeleose’s story proves the point that courage is not motivated by fearlessness, but by moral obligation.
    A sense of responsibility --- moral obligation
    9. 題干:It is possible to overcome shyness when faced with the need to speak in public. (C10-T4-R2 T22)
    原文:he realised early on that as an academic, his reticence would prove disastrous in the lecture hall. So he learned to be more outgoing and to entertain his classes.
    Overcome shyness --- be more outgoing
    10. 題干:A mention of how rational thinking enabled someone to achieve physical goals. (C10-T4-R2 T23)
    原文:Beginning in 1998, she set nine world records and can hold her breath for six minutes. The physical stamina required for this sport is intense but the psychological demands are even more overwhelming.
    Physical goals --- set nine world records and can hold her breath for six minutes
    11. 題干:an account of how someone overcame a sad experience(C10-T4-R2 T24)
    原文:He took action despite his own pain – a typical response of an optimist.
    Sad experience --- own pain
    12. 題干:A description of how someone decided to rethink their academic career path.(C10-T4-R2 T25)
    原文:In 2004, physician-scientist Mauro Zappaterra began his PhD research at Harvard Medical School. Unfortunately, he was miserable as his research wasn’t compatible with his curiosity about healing. He finally took a break and during eight months in Santa Fe, Zappaterra learned about alternative healing techniques not taught at Harvard.
    Rethink --- took a break
    Academic career path --- PhD research
    13. 題干:An example of how someone risked his career out of a sense of duty.(C10-T4-R2 T26)
    原文:For marketing executive Kenneth Pedeleose, it meant speaking out against something he thought was ethically wrong. The new manager was intimidating staff so Pedeleose carefully director, knowing his own job security would be threatened.
    Risked --- threatened
    A sense of duty --- speaking out against something ethically wrong

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